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Cheap rubbish removal? Smell a rat

Residents who accept offers of super-cheap rubbish removals could face a prison term or a huge financial penalty if their items are found fly-tipped warns a north London borough.

Enfield Council reports that offers are being made by cold-callers to take rubbish away for as little as £10 cash-in-hand. The waste has then been found dumped on the streets, in water courses and on open spaces.

Fly-tippers can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £400 or, in the worst case, face prosecution and an unlimited fine. If you pay someone to remove your rubbish who is not a registered waste carrier and this is later found fly-tipped, you may face enforcement action and prosecution too, Enfield warns.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Daniel Anderson, said: “We all have a duty of care when it comes to disposing of our waste. So if you pay someone to take yours away, always ask to see a copy of their registered waste carrier’s certificate.

“If they can’t provide one, avoid them like the plague. Likewise, if someone just turns up out if the blue offering to take your rubbish away and for very little money, you should smell a rat. Fly-tipping is illegal and encourages further environmental crime, but if we work together to build strong communities, we can stamp out this appalling behaviour and help keep our neighbourhoods clean and safe. We all can do our bit by getting rid of waste and unwanted items responsibly and reporting those who fail to do so.”


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