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Wireless access for Queen’s College

A case study of Queen’s College, a co-educational independent school in Taunton, the county town of Somerset, taking day pupils and boarders.

The college felt its mechanical keyed locks and a basic access control system were somewhat outdated, and sought to upgrade. An Exeter-based company, Guardian Security South West, was appointed to do the installing of access control.

Guardian Sales Manager Jim Caola says: “Wanting to secure a mixture of classroom, office and bedroom doors what the college needed was a modern, state-of-the-art solution that would provide networked access control and security via a single contactless access card that could be easily distributed to staff and pupils as required. So working with Queen’s College Operations Director Peter Evans, we selected SALTO Systems‘ XS4 wireless solution and tailored it to meet every element of the college’s requirements, fitting it to 35 doors in a mix of online and offline formats.”

The SALTO XS4 wireless system is an online, real-time access control system that uses RFID radio frequency to communicate with an access control database at the college. This provides the college with what the installer calls a ‘networked access control solution without the wires’.

The wireless provides the control and flexibility of a hard-wired access control system, without the costs and complexity associated with hardwiring each door, according to the makers. The wireless electronic escutcheons on the doors are configured automatically via SALTO gateways installed in strategic locations. So, with changes to its software users can configure or make changes at the doors.

The college can monitor the wireless network, download audit trail information from doors in real time, delete users remotely, collect battery status of the locks for maintenance, remotely lock and unlock doors. Guardian Security South West designed the specification, through to supply, installing and commissioning.

Peter Evans says: “From initial investigations through to actual deployment, Guardian have provided an excellent service. Having security that is reliable is critical since in addition to the need to control access to classrooms we also board a number of young people in our student accommodation. We like the ease of use and capability of the SALTO software as it helps us get maximum benefit from the technology whilst providing a secure environment for all our students and staff.”

SALTO Area Manager David Hill adds: “The combination of the SALTO XS4 wireless product and a committed client ensured the solution fully met the college’s expectations. The simple to use SALTO XS4 platform achieves this in a versatile and cost-effective way. It regulates entry to specific rooms and provides effective security on a daily basis, helping to maintain the continuity of education by preventing any potential disruptions caused by unwanted security events.”


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