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University assistance

Students and staff at Keele University, pictured, can use 24-hour on-site emergency response and assistance thanks to a monitoring system, delivered by Reliance High Tech and CriticalArc.

The SafeZone system, which will go live at the Staffordshire university in September, allows students to use a phone app to call for rapid assistance in a range of situations, from general reassurance or advice to a life-threatening emergencies.

When the SafeZone app is activated the user is put in touch with the university control centre. The system pinpoints the location and identity of the person calling for help and allows the security operator to communicate directly – giving advice or escalating to an immediate emergency response if required. The product also allows a range notifications and safety advice to be sent to all users within defined areas.

Dan Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director for Reliance High Tech, says: “The SafeZone system lets the security team put a health and safety ‘wrapper’ around the campus. Additional zones can also protect associated locations where students are working, including temporary zones covering students and staff on field-trips anywhere in the world.”

In the case of Keele a neighbouring hospital site is being included in the system. Here, emergency calls will be routed through to the hospital security control room to provide rapid assistance to medical students, should they need it.

Chris Keane, UK Sales Manager, CriticalArc says: “The protected zones can be any size, from a single building to a whole country. SafeZone is a very flexible communications tool which allows the university to keep in touch with students and staff wherever they are and it allows users to call for help very easily in any situation.”

Universities around the UK, USA, Middle East and Asia have adopted SafeZone. At Keele, Reliance High Tech has also provided a 160-reader, fully-maintained access control systems.

David Sanderson, Assistant Director of Estates at Keele says: “The SafeZone App will be a fantastic addition to Keele University, its students and staff. Close partnership working with Reliance High Tech has been the key to the successful implementation of the system.”

And Terry Sallas, MD of Reliance High Tech, says: “Campuses are complex sites to secure, but working with partners such as CriticalArc we can ensure that they are safer, welcoming environments. Customers’ needs are ever changing, our eco-system of unique partners and technologies allows Reliance High Tech to meet many of these needs, not just with traditional security but also across health, safety, communications and IT.”



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