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Uni’s IT

The University of Nottingham has boosted its IT security with HP’s Security Analytics service to enhance its risk and threat management in an increasingly unpredictable world.



The university says it’s committed to providing always-on IT support and a secure working environment for its 40,000 students and staff. Paul Kennedy, Security and Compliance Group Leader, Information Services, at the university, says: “The university’s Information Services group needs to provide secure access to all key university systems from any location, at any time, on any device. At the start of every academic year we have one weekend where 9,000 completely unseen, completely unknown devices appear and want to connect to our network while most of the IT staff is not actually here. Thanks to HP, however, we now have a real understanding of the security risks that the university faces and a much more detailed model of how our threat management solutions work, based on real data. We wouldn’t have got this intelligence without HP on board.”


HP Security Analytics collected qualitative process information and vast amounts of quantitative data for what the IT firm called a holistic, business-aligned view of the university’s information security. An evidence-based threat and risk analysis enabled the university to align its security initiatives with long-term business goals and adapt to its increasingly risk-laden IT. The university now has a tool that is configured around its own business operations, security policies and ways of working rather than a generic industry model.


HP Security Analytics has enabled the University of Nottingham to accurately track the source and mode of attacks against its IT services and redeploy resources to mitigate the most pressing risks. Existing IT investments and resources are well-utilised in the most vulnerable areas, and extra investment can be identified and justified in terms of additional business value.


“If organisations are to meet the complex security challenges of this decade, then the importance of a structured, analytical approach cannot be stressed enough,” added Andrzej Kawalec, chief technology officer, HP Enterprise Security Services. “HP is committed to giving our clients actionable security intelligence, helping them change the way they address the new and emerging security threats they face.”


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