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Scam advice

Trading Standards and police in Norfolk are urging residents to be alert for a number of telephone scams in which callers try to get you to hand over cash with the promise of a larger sum to follow when they have received it.


In the latest incidents, telephone calls have been received asking the recipient to purchase a Ukash voucher:

  • One person was told she had won the “World Lotto” and needed to pay tax via Ukash
  • Another was called by someone purporting to be from a credit agency stating they had been awarded nearly £5000 and needed to purchase a Ukash voucher to exchange for the cheque with a caller to his property
  • A third was called by a woman claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice, she told him he had been awarded over £4000 and should buy a Ukash voucher to be handed to a caller to his home who would give him the award. This man received three such calls.

All the calls were made to elderly or vulnerable people, and personal details about them were known by the callers.

Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk County Council Trading Standards are reminding residents NEVER to respond to anything which demands you hand over cash before reclaiming funds.

Genuine refunds will be automatically delivered without you having to pay anything and you should never respond to demands for money to be sent in this way.

Norfolk Trading Standards is taking part in Scams Awareness Month during February 2012, and is running a number of surgeries for members of the public to receive guidance on how they can avoid scams. Regular scam alerts and advice are also available at


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