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Malcolm on exchange

The Association of University Chief Security Officers (AUCSO) has just agreed an international exchange with their colleagues from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). Bernadette Duncan MBE, AUCSO COO writes.

The first two participants will be Malcolm Dawson, Security Operations Manager at the University of Leeds, pictured; and Teresa Crocker, Chief of Police at Georgia Technical Institute, Atlanta, Georgia.

Malcolm is a former North Yorkshire Police Officer, and has worked in Security Services at the University of Leeds for 22 years. He has recently won a ‘West Yorkshire Police Divisional Award’ for his partnership work within the division.

The exchange has been initiated to provide an opportunity for members of both organisations to gain an insight of the operation of campus public safety and security agencies globally and to foster understanding between international and US based members.

Malcolm will travel to Atlanta at the end of August for a week to accompany the Georgia Tech Police team on patrols, crime prevention duties, emergency preparedness orientation, see technological initiatives, visit other Colleges, and get a behind the scenes view of the NFL Football Game Atlanta Falcon vs Jacksonville Jaguars.

On hearing of his selection from the UK applicants, Malcolm said: “I am honored and deeply privileged to be chosen, not only to represent my University here in Leeds, but to represent AUCSO on the International stage.”

AUCSO Chair, Roger Morgan (Head of Security at the University of Sussex), said: “I have every confidence that Malcolm will be an excellent ambassador for all the AUCSO members he will be representing on this first exchange visit. I’m sure he will enjoy the experience, as well as benefit from it professionally and personally.”

AUCSO members will be treated to a presentation on the exchange visit from Malcolm at their next annual conference on 9-11 April 2014 at the University of Roehampton. We’re all looking forward to learning some new ideas from the USA Malcolm – no pressure!

Further international exchanges for AUCSO members are being investigated with IACLEA members from the Caribbean, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, and China but funds for travel costs need to be found. AUCSO is offering a sponsorship opportunity to their commercial colleagues for this programme. Further details from Bernadette Duncan MBE, AUCSO COO,


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