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Digital projects

Researchers led by Prof Mikel Luján, Director of the Arm Centre of Excellence at the University of Manchester, are to work with THG, an e-commerce business on a project to help prevent cyber security attacks.

An £5.8m project, known as Soteria, runs for three years and three months starting in January. Soteria is being funded by government body Innovate UK’s Digital Security by Design (DSbD) scheme. The aim; to prevent hackers from remotely taking control of digital systems such as autonomous cars, personal computers or smart home security systems.

The Soteria project is also partnering with Oxford University and is one of two new research programmes announced by Innovate UK. Soteria will work with Arm’s technology platform prototype Morello on the development of cyber security services and products.

Manchester will contribute on managed runtimes, such as Java Virtual Machines (JVM), software verification, smart network technologies, and business optimisation. An example of new technology that will be investigated is a JVM capable of harnessing the new security features of the Morello platform central to the DSbD iniative and developed by Arm Ltd. Briefly; managed runtimes are complex software needed to execute the most popular programming languages, such as Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby, C#.


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