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College IP

Farnborough College of Technology, has chosen IndigoVision to safeguard students and premises by replacing its existing and non-integrated surveillance systems. IndigoVision was selected by the College to provide a reliable and integrated platform that would make use of existing cameras, cover multiple sites, improve performance and allow new IP cameras to be added when required.

The College’s existing security systems were non-compatible, and there were problems in getting support and repairs undertaken. They were also hard to navigate, setup was cumbersome and recording facilities were poor. This combination of factors undermined system effectiveness and site security across the two large campuses, which are 6 miles apart and include old and new buildings, numerous entrances and large car parks.

Panoptech, local IndigoVision partner, installed IndigoVision’s Security Management System, SMS4, which enables the integration of separate components of the security system. This allows the full solution to be managed in one place, removing the compatibility issues of the old system. Three workstations were set up using Control Center, the user interface to SMS4TM – one in the security office, one in the IT office and one in the main control room.

The system upgrade consisted of a combination of IndigoVision encoders, connecting the existing analogue cameras to the network, and HD Minidome cameras. IndigoVision’s unique distributed architecture allows any system component to be located at any point on the IP network, including cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and video workstations. The architecture removes the need for a central server, which in turn eliminates the risk of a central point of failure. Any of the Control Center workstations can view live footage from any camera on the network as well as recorded footage from any NVR. The system is fully expandable and scalable.

Everything is now located in one unified and flexible system that has transformed surveillance across both campuses and improved operational effectiveness for the College’s team of security staff. Stuart French, Deputy Computer Services, Funding & MIS Manager at Farnborough College, comments:

“The IndigoVision CCTV system is a robust and highly modular platform that allows for easy upgrades and expansion in the future. The system has also been very efficient in storing recorded footage, and I am impressed by how much video can be stored on the NVRs. The new HD Minidome cameras have amazing night vision video – it’s impressive stuff.”

Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF), an IndigoVision feature, has been used on the cameras to reduce bandwidth and minimise storage requirements. ACF regulates framerate according to the motion in a particular scene. The camera motion search feature has dramatically reduced the search time for finding incidents that have occurred. The improved review and playback features of the IndigoVision software mean that video from a particular event can now be pinpointed and accessed very quickly, allowing security staff to react.

For further information contact IndigoVision: Europe, Middle East & Africa – Tel: +44 131 475 7200 North America – Tel: +1 908 315 0286 Latin America – Tel: + 55 11 3641 3281 Asia Pacific – Tel: +65 63490708 E-mail: or visit


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