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Access paper

ASSA ABLOY Access Control has launched a downloadable white paper on educational premises access. The white paper, titled, ‘Can we afford to protect our young people?’ is now available at  and discusses the changing nature of the school and university ‘ecosystem’ in the UK and how this affects the safety and security of students, staff and the public.



The white paper investigates the legal consequences and reputational issues arising from any failure to protect and secure people, alongside the rapid advances in technology, which opens those responsible to a plethora of potential solutions and a variety of significant cost implications. The paper takes account of the several public sector financial constraints in place as the UK re-enters recession, noting the ‘real term’ cuts in spending implicated over the next three years.


ASSA ABLOY Access Control Managing Director Matt Thomas, author of the white paper, says: “It is a common belief, one shared across the board at ASSA ABLOY, that everyone has the right to a safe place in which to be educated, but no one wants a school or a university built like a prison.This makes security of educational facilities one of the most emotive issues faced by everyone involved, from students to governing bodies.  


 “But the ever changing nature of the schools environment with developments such as Academies, Free Schools and rising tuition fees alongside the significant public sector austerity measures has led to fierce competition for scarce resources, time and money.


“In this white paper, we have attempted not only to raise awareness of these issues but also to demystify and stimulate a debate to establish access control solutions available, which can be adopted cost effectively whether for use in a single primary school building or a complete university campus.”


ASSA ABLOY launched the white paper at IFSEC 2012.


Matt Thomas adds: “Awareness and vigilance as demonstrated at IFSEC 2012, are the cornerstones of all good access control and security systems.    But are they suitable for all educational buildings is subject to the debate and indeed, the white paper does not intend to provide the ‘ultimate’ answer.What the paper intends to show is that whilst basic security measures may become second nature to staff, more combined solutions such as those offered by our Aperio wireless locking technology, encompass intelligent, discreet and effective security and access control solutions, can all be delivered cost effectively and without the need to encroach on civil liberties.”


The white paper is now available to download at and encourages responses to a dedicated facebook page at 


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