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Why unity is vital to company security

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When it comes to looking at improving something as broad as ‘company security’, figuring out where to begin can be difficult. Indeed, whether it’s physical protection for your business premises, or online protection for your sensitive data, the threats many companies face will be constantly evolving, making improvement difficult to judge. Regardless, one aspect of protecting your company that is both crucial and relatively easy to develop, is the unity of your security tools and practices.


Generally speaking, for a business in any industry to be effective it needs its resources to be working in unison towards a set of aims, prospects, or goals. Thus, when it comes to keeping said business safe, there should be no exception to this rule. Company security measures should be able to unify functionality with the specific needs of the business, as well as what staff deem as ‘safe’ for a workplace. Essentially, they should be working alongside the ambitions of the organisation as a whole.


What we mean by unifying company security?

Physical Security

In terms of physical protection for company premises, all of the following should be linked with one another to provide maximum security against break-ins:

Video surveillance (CCTV)

Access Control (which can include additional protocols such as face or license place recognition)

Intrusion Detection (including alarm systems)


H3: Cyber Security

Many companies overlook cyber security, especially if most of their business doesn’t operate online. However, it is a necessity for unifying company security overall. It includes the following:

Password Management

Email Account Protocols

Network Security

Staff Education

Antivirus software


Once companies have the necessary security protocols for both their physical and cyber security, analysis software can allow businesses to assess their protection under one system. Indeed, products such as Genetec’s Security Centre unify both these elements of company security, making it easier to pinpoint weaknesses and improve either area. Thus, having robust physical and cyber protection measures in place, supported by tools that link these systems, is the most effective way of unifying company security.


In all, when this is achieved, a business can become more accountable for protecting its information and property, making it easier to improve efficiency and reach wider company goals.


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