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Who Are Security Consultants?

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A security consultant is a team or person that is specialised in a particular sector of the security industry, such as cyber security. The consultants role will be to provide security solutions for their clients. As there are a broad range of types of security, it is important to find a consultant with knowledge in the area that suits your particular needs.

It is also possible to hire an internal security team, and while there are some benefits, there are also some associated issues associated with this. For example, inhouse security teams primarily work for the company and are there to help drive profits whereas a security consultant must always act in the best interest of their client while simultaneously being cost effective.

Security consultants will undertake a security assessment to determine areas of weakness, threats and other flaws in your companies security, and then design and implement best practice security solutions. They are also able to perform monitoring and maintenance of implemented security measures.

Examples of Security Consultants

While looking for a security consultant, it is just as important to look into their current area of speciality as it is their past security roles. Many consultants start in different sectors within the security industry, for example as a police officer or as an IT engineer. From their past experiences it will be clear to see whether they have the right knowledge for your security needs.

Different types of security consultants can include cyber consultants and physical consultants. Cyber solutions can involve delivering technical security reports, emergency security responses and upgrading security systems, while physical security solutions may involve perimeter guarding, video surveillance and crime prevention. Security consultants will work with you to deliver the most appropriate security solutions whilst always following best practice guidelines.


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