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Van shadow

Police officers in Warwickshire were this month following cash security vans when they are driving through the county, as part of their regular patrols. The move followed a recent incident that was reported to the police on Monday 23 January where a suspicious vehicle was seen in the vicinity of a cash in transit van.

All reactive police officers, including armed officers, driving liveried police vehicles and unmarked vehicles, have been tasked to follow the vans when they are not on other directed duties, in a bid to disrupt criminal activity and deter cash in transit robberies.

Evidence suggests that cash in transit robberies most frequently occur when the security van arrives at its destination, such as at a supermarket, automatic cash transfer machines, banks or post offices, as the security guards collect or deliver the cash.

Police officers following the vans not only deter these robberies but also provide additional security for the cash in transit services and enable police officers to collate information about anyone acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the vans.

Intelligence received from police officers will then be recorded centrally, to develop a file on possible suspects. This information will also be shared with neighbouring forces.

Warwickshire Police’s Crime Prevention Manager George Stepney said: “We know that the police shadowing cash delivery vans acts as an excellent deterrent to offenders. “

Members of the public are also being asked to ensure they report any suspicious activity they see occurring, especially in the vicinity of banks, post offices or where money is collected or delivered to, such as stores and supermarkets.

Mr Stepney said, “These offenders are very brazen in their approach to crime, either following the security van, or laying in wait for the van to arrive. We would like to hear from anyone who sees anything suspicious which may fit in with a cash delivery robbery. Obviously we do not want anyone to put themselves in danger by approaching suspected robbers. But if they see a crime taking place they should phone 999 immediately.”


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