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Smart Lock Debate Rages On

smart lock

Of all of the smart devices to emerge in the last decade or so, one of the most discussed is the range of smart lock products that are now available. These systems operate without keys, and, like other smart devices, connect to a smartphone app for remote control. They also sometimes feature a numerical keypad, usually working via the homeowner entering a code or issuing a command on another device.

Despite all this, however, much of the talk around smart locks isn’t positive. In fact, whilst they are certainly an innovative and exciting Home Security solution, there’s still much debate around their effectiveness. So, today, we wanted to look at the pros and cons of smart lock systems.



Many of the benefits of smart locks can apply to the majority of smart home systems. For instance, they aim to be more convenient than traditional locks by going keyless, and they allow you to check if your doors are locked anytime, anywhere.

In addition, these locks can be incorporated into a wider smart home security system, meaning their supporters argue that they can improve safety as they reduce risks associated with human error. Another advantage is perhaps the speed these products have developed at. Many early issues have now been resolved by suppliers, and a wide range of systems are now available to homeowners.



As cyber threats can evolve quite rapidly, there are still concerns that the technology behind them can become vulnerable. That’s why we recommended doing extensive research on any product that you consider in our Case Study on Smart Locks.

Meanwhile, another drawback could be the smart lock itself. Usually these are no different from traditional door locks, they just technology to grant access. Thus, if you’re unlikely to lose your keys or forget to lock your doors, you’re paying more for convenience rather than for a home security upgrade. Lastly, it comes as little surprise that what you’re paying for will almost certainly surpass the cost of a standard door lock.


For more information, you can see what we believe are the Best Smart Locks In 2021 Here so you can figure out if this system might be an effective Home Security solution for you!


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