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Shop thief’s Crasbo

In south Wales, a woman from Newport has been barred from all retail outlets in Newport City Centre until 2015, after being given a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (CRASBO). Abigail Sicolo, 31 of Ringland, Newport, had the order placed upon her by Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court on March 1.

This came after recently being caught shoplifting from a clothing store – the 30th time she has been found doing this since January 2011. Despite shopkeepers continually barring her from their stores, 10 related prison sentences and assistance from probation to help her change her lifestyle, Sicolo continued to offend. The court ruled that due to her anti-social behaviour when arrested, namely the use of obscene language in public, a CRASBO would be granted. If this order is breached in any way, then a custodial sentence of up to five years can be imposed by the court. Insp Bob Thompson, who is responsible for policing Newport City Centre, said: “We hope that this CRASBO, with additional police resources dedicated to policing the city centre, reassures traders and shoppers that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. There are some who believe that shoplifting is a minor offence but theft is a crime and shoplifters are criminals. Small retailers can face bankruptcy as a result of the financial implications of shoplifting and invariably the costs are added on for law abiding customers at the till. This case should also act as a clear deterrent to any other would-be shoplifters, if you come to Newport City Centre intent on shoplifting, you will be arrested, prosecuted and potentially banned from all stores.


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