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Remote working and company security

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Why working from home doesn’t have to be risky

Even prior to lockdown restrictions being implemented, working remotely was already a growing trend in most office settings. Thus, fears over company security being compromised by remote working are nothing new. This also means that solutions to maintain the commercial security of businesses are also commonplace which means that, when done correctly, working home doesn’t have to be the risk many have feared it could be.


The scam-artists during COVID-19

Year-on-year, online scams and broader cyber-crime tend to increase and therefore this becomes an ever more serious threat. In 2020, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been no exception to this. What this means is that remote workers have seen a rise in digital scams during lockdown.

However, Google has revealed that it has blocked millions of these scams which has potentially curbed the risk. In addition, with any major breach that has occurred there has been no evidence to suggest that this has been due to more staff working outside of the office. So, cyber threats are most likely to impact your company security in equal measure regardless of where employees are operating.


What employers and employees are doing already

Because both cyber threats and the practice of working from home have been around for a while, many employers have already taken steps to protect their company security online. Indeed, whilst business IT budgets have grown slowly in recent years, Gartner estimates that digital security spending rose by more than 10% last year. This suggests that many companies have been addressing their online security issues long before working from home became the norm earlier this year.

Meanwhile, employees have also been adapting to cyber security threats for a long time prior to 2020. With millennials beginning to fill the workplace, more company employees are tending to be more vigilant and more concerned about digital scams and data privacy. Younger employees are also believed to adapt quicker to new online security protocols. So, whilst they’re working from home, the employee-employer relationship needs to be one of trusting and understanding when it comes to company security.


Easy solutions for limiting company security risks

Of course, cyber security has to be taken seriously by any company, regardless of where the majority of your staff are working. So, to best protect your business from online vulnerabilities, we recommend the following protocols:

Install antivirus software

Ensure you’re using a secure network, either at home or in the office

Be vigilant of scams

Update all applications and systems when given the option

Take caution when sharing personal information or sensitive data online

Finally, you can find out more on heightening your company security with Our 2020 Cyber Security Objectives.


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