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Phishing for pharma formulas

Cyber-attackers are phishing for pharma secret formulas, according to a Pharmaceutical Threat Report by a mobile cyber-security product company, Lookout.

The firm says some 77 per cent of mobile phishing attempts on pharmaceuticals through the third quarter of 2020 intended on delivering malware. This is an indication that cyber-attackers are looking for ways outside of credential harvesting to compromise pharma firms, the cyber firm suggests.

Hank Schless, Senior Manager, Security Solutions at Lookout said: “The security landscape has changed. Your employees are working fewer hours under the protection of the network security at the office or research lab.

“Whether you like it or not, pharmaceutical intellectual property is sought after by both nation states and cybercriminals. In 2020, cybersecurity authorities in the US and the UK warned pharma companies of potential tracks against potential attacks related to COVID-19 research.

And with greater efficiency comes greater connectivity. Whether you gave tablets and smartphones to employees or have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, mobile endpoints expose your IP to new risks. Cyber-attackers have numerous attack vectors to leverage on a mobile device to compromise your organisation, from malicious apps, mobile phishing to operating system and app vulnerabilities.”

To request the report, visit the Lookout website.


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