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Nuclear contract

An integrated facilities management (IFM) contract with Magnox Ltd, which manages nuclear reactor decommissioning, worth £56m over five years, has gone to Mitie. The FM contractor will deliver an FM service at 14 sites – 12 nuclear sites, a hydroelectric plant and a technical office – across the UK. Mitie will provide engineering maintenance, cleaning, waste management, helpdesk, front of house, mailroom management and landscaping services.

About Magnox Ltd

As a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, it’s responsible for decommissioning 12 nuclear sites and managing the waste. Mitie will deliver repair and maintenance services such as water treatment and fire alarm inspections. Mitie will roll out its FM application, Aria. Available as an app or via desktop computer or laptop, Aria has several ‘menus’ related to the FM services. For instance, through ‘Refuel’ Magnox employees will be able to order and pay for meals and drinks on-site. Meanwhile, the ‘Ask’ section will allow Magnox employees to raise issues on-site – whether a spillage that needs to be cleaned or leaky water pipes that need fixing – to the contractor and then track the job’s progress until completion.

Mitie will also roll out its reporting platform, Mozaic. Magnox service managers will be able to log new issues, track the progress of repair and maintenance jobs carried out on-site and review how much time was spent on each task.

Mitie points to its experience of the UK nuclear industry, working with customers including Sellafield Limited, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Low Level Waste Repository Limited.

Carlo Alloni, Managing Director, Technical Services and Integrated Facilities Management, Mitie, said: “We’re honoured to have been selected by Magnox Ltd for this contract and to bring our experience of large-scale integrated facilities management services to their 14 sites. As a trusted FM partner for the UK’s national nuclear infrastructure, we’re proud to continue supporting the sector by assisting Magnox Ltd as it undertakes this critical decommissioning programme.”

And Caron Weaver, Magnox Ltd Engineering and Asset Management Director, said: “We are delighted to be working with Mitie as part of our mission to fully decommission the Magnox sites across the UK. We are confident this contract represents excellent value for money and are looking forward to Mitie bringing innovation and driving efficiency in the delivery of these vital FM services.”


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