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Milano Smart City Conference

An event within an event: during the Smart Building Expo and SICUREZZA, two exhibitions set to run simultaneously at Fiera Milano from November 13 to 15, 2019, the exhibition will also host the Milano Smart City Conference. Three days of international level discussion on the smart city and the impact of new technologies; with the release of 5G as an infrastructure to enable new applications in the urban environment.

The testing phase in Italy is now drawing to a close in the five sample cities (Milan, Prato, L’Aquila, Bari and Matera) and, ahead of schedule, the deployment phase is beginning. This is the phase which will allow the initial practical implementation of the major investments in frequency enhancement made by the key players in connectivity. On the smart city, in particular, in 2018, in IoT, 395 million euros were invested across in Italy, with a growth of 24pc compared to 2017 (Source: Osservatorio Internet of Things, Politecnico di Milano School of Management).

The Smart Building Expo and the Conference will cover the services tested in the sample cities. The smart city, thanks to the application of new technologies, will have the power to drive sustainability and efficiency. Some 36pc of Italian municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants have in fact already launched at least one smart city project, although 80pc are only in the experimental phase. (Source: Osservatorio Internet of Things, Politecnico di Milano School of Management).

The Conference – and the central theme of the Smart Building Expo – will be the potential and the advantages of technologies and applications designed for the urban environment and its needs: high-speed connectivity, sensors, platforms for analysis of big data and for their use, smart lighting, mobility and logistics management, just to give a few examples.

The schedule has three focuses: the digital infrastructure, smart city-enabling technology, with a particular emphasis on 5G; smart mobility and logistics, between the virtuality of networks and the physicality of urban transport in the era of self-driving cars and e-mobility; urban security and monitoring, a response to the problems of urban areas in terms of security and territorial control.

Each day will include an institutional morning session, with international keynote speakers, and an afternoon session with illustrations of best practice and scientific posters.

Organised by Pentastudio and promoted by the Smart Building Expo and SICUREZZA, the conference will be defined by the Scientific Committee, chaired by Mario Frullone (Scientific Director of the Ugo Bordoni Foundation). The event will also see the support of: AGID – the Presidenza del Consiglio Digital Italy Agency; Assimpredil-ANCE; a national cluster of tech smart communities; HD Forum Italia; ANFOV- the Association for convergence in Communication services; the Order of Engineers of the Province of Milan.


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