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Linear LED lighting, PoE powered

Using the same design concept of linear LED lighting as the original Night Sabre, Jason Hill of Device Smart has brought out a smart version that adds wifi control of the LED light independently. That allows the user to turn the light on or adjust the brightness through the Smart Life App or by voice assistant control ‘Alexa turn on the security light’.

Another benefit of smart security lighting, says Jason, pictured, is the ability to create scenes that simulate occupancy. For example, the motion sensor on the Night Sabre triggers the floodlight, then tells a smart bulb inside the house to turn on after a 30 second delay, as though an occupant had turned the light on in response. This concept is known as ‘moccupancy’ and can deter potential intruders. By grouping multiple Night Sabres, when any one is triggered, they can all turn on. These functions operate without the need for a wifi connection so even if there is a wifi issue the light will always perform as intended.

The motion sensor could also be used to trigger other smart devices from landscape lighting and smart speakers to sprinklers.

App control allows adjustment of the dwell period the light remains on, the dusk/dawn point and the passive infra-red (PIR) range. The sensor can be turned off; and the user can have manual control of the light and its brightness. A geo-fencing feature can be used to turn the driveway light on when approaching the home by car, for example.

The slim design means a Night Sabre can be installed under a window-sill, eaves or above a garage door, to look discreet.

Using the same linear LED lighting form, a PoE powered version is designed do be connected and powered by a PoE switch or injector. PoE powered security lighting allows long cable runs up to 100m and does not need to be installed by a qualified electrician, the developers say.

The Night Sabre Pro also includes an internal adjustment for dwell time to set how long the floodlight remains on after detecting motion at night.

The Night Sabre features a digital PIR and dusk-dawn sensor so that it only comes on when human movement is detected at night and a flashing warning LED indicates the presence of a security system to passers-by. As for LEDs, that means a low current consumption of 11w with a wide even beam spread without light pollution.

And as Jason points out, replacing traditional lights with LED is making the biggest impact in the reduction of greenhouse gasses, with motion triggered lighting boosting those energy savings even further.

On show

Jason is among the exhibitors at Farnborough at the home automation show EI Live, on Wednesday and Thursday, September 29 and 30. Visit


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