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LiDAR partnership

Vaylia Integrated Security reports a partnership with Quanergy, who provide OPA-based solid state LiDARs and 3D solutions for automotive and IoT applications. Vaylia’ CEO Paul Painter, pictured, says: “The LiDAR technology from Quanergy will bring a new level of 3D sensor solutions to very challenging applications, including smart cities, security detection and industrial automation. We are planning to integrate the LiDAR solution into our Vaylia Rapid Deploy Tower (VRDT)) next-generation solution. LiDAR technology will give our system a 360-degree field of view to detect intruders, which can then be verified by high-end multi-mega pixel HD cameras.”

Vaylia provides security for use by governments, utilities, oil and gas companies, transportation infrastructures, sports facilities, data centres, and law enforcement, including border patrol and prison.

Mike Tolley, Quanergy’s sales manager for the UK, Ireland, and the Nordics, adds that Vaylia customers will benefit from detection accuracy with real-time operation in any lighting and weather. “Quanergy’s 3D Smart LiDAR solution will complement Vaylia’ camera security system.”

And Vaylia COO Chris Plimley says: “We are already making headway into getting our solution in front of some of the biggest clients in the UK’s critical infrastructure. We’ve had recent project success and contracts awarded within a major UK utility for our VRDT system. Quanergy’s new and emerging technology puts Vaylia’ electronic security solutions at the leading edge of available technology. Further integration into security technology is in the pipeline, and some of these projects are already under development.

About Vaylia Integrated Security

The company was founded by Paul Painter and Chris Plimley, who brought experience in perimeter protection and high-security temporary overlay; visit


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