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Home Security: Smart Locks In 2021

Over the past 10 years or so, smart devices have become commonplace items in many households. Indeed, in 2021, a smart home can include lights, plugs, a heating system, TVs, speakers, and even an oven that can communicate with other electronic devices. Smart locks are just extension of this push towards smart homes, aiming to provide you with extra flexibility in controlling your home security. But are they really worth it?


What is a Smart Lock?

But first, what actually makes a lock a so-called smart product? Well, it’s actually quite simple – a smart lock system is one that operates without keys. Like other smart devices, smart locks connect to a smartphone app and can subsequently be operated remotely. In addition, they can feature a numerical keypad, usually working via the homeowner entering a code or issuing a command on another device.

Whilst they sometimes require you to replace your traditional lock-and-key system in its entirety, certain smart locks can also attach themselves onto doors with only a few modifications. In all, they aim to provide the following benefits:

Convenience – No keys can mean less hassle and reduced stress, especially if you’re prone to losing or misplacing them.

Remote Access – You can anyone into your home from wherever you are, meaning you no longer have to worry about being home before guests or other family members.

Notifications and codes – App-controlled locks can be argued to improve home security, as you no longer have to hide keys or have multiple copies lying around, and you can set notifications to remind yourself or others to lock up when you leave.

Links to other devices – Smart locks can also work in tandem with other devices, such as doorbell cameras, to provide added support for dealing with deliveries or guests remotely


Best Smart Locks for 2021

Smart locks have been around for a few years now. Thus, there are products that are suitable for various preferences:

Most Innovative: Lockly Vision – Acts as both a smart lock and video doorbell.

Best Value: Wyze Lock – At roughly $100, nothing else offers this level of security for your money.

Simplicity: August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock – Installation takes 10 minutes, and operation is just as straightforward.

Versatility: Kwikset Halo Touch – Offers a fingerprint scanner, app control, and a conventional key option.


Are there risks to Home Security?

Smart technology is always aiming to improve, and smart security devices are no exemption. However, as we discussed in a Smart Lock Article Last Year, we strongly urge our readers to consider all security risks before purchasing any of these products. For instance, some fears concerning these devices being hacked aren’t without merit, so cyber insurance might be a reasonable investment alongside any smart lock.

Overall, though, many aspects of business security already rely on key-less lock systems (think hotels). So, with a wide range of options available in 2021, it could be argued that the best devices currently available no longer pose the threat to home security that they were once feared to.


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