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Changes to SIA licensing system

After weeks of testing the Security Industry Authority (SIA) will introduce its new licensing system on Wednesday, July 6.

From then, individuals will be able to register for online accounts and apply for or renew SIA licences online. Their new self-service website will also mean you will be able to change personal details remotely and consent to link to your employer, who may assist with the application process.

Businesses will be able to register for online business accounts and will have access to a range of new products such as Licence Pay Only, where a business pays the licensing application fee for individuals and Watchlists, to check the licensed status of their staff. SIA approved contractors will have access to Licence Management and Licence Assist allowing them to apply online on behalf of consenting staff.

The new licensing system the industry regulator says will provide a more efficient, effective service to busy people and a growing industry.

For the transition to the new system to be as smooth as possible, the SIA was not accepting licence applications from Friday, June 24. This is to allow the SIA to manage existing applications, move data from the old system to the new and make final checks before fully switching on the new system.

SIA Deputy Director of Partnerships and Interventions, Ed Bateman said: “We are grateful for the close cooperation of many the country’s security providers who for the past 18 months have helped develop the new licensing system that now goes live on July 6. The new licensing system responds to feedback from the wider industry and trade associations and will provide individuals and businesses with a more efficient, effective and accessible online service. We are sorry that the brief closure to receiving licences immediately before July 6 will inconvenience some individuals and businesses but, together with much of the industry, we look forward to the wide range of benefits introduced by the new licensing system.”


If you have started an application but not yet submitted it – the SIA recommends that you complete your application before the switch over. This will enable the SIA to process it before their current system is switched off.

If you have already submitted your application – you will not be affected and your application will be processed as normal.

If you submit an application before the switch over but your payment fails during the switch over – your application will fail and you will have to re-submit it once the new system is available.

If you submit an application but do not provide all of the necessary supporting documentation – your application will fail and you will have to re-submit it once the SIA’s new system is available.

If you submit an application during the switch over – it will be returned to you and you will have to re-submit it once the SIA’s new system is available.

Watch guidance videos which explain how to use the new system including how to register for a business account and link to an operative:

Visit the SIA website:


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