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Bigger picture of HDTV

Retailers looking to implement smarter loss prevention techniques should take inspiration from the consumer video market with the continued uptake in high definition resolution TV’s and mobile devices according to a network video product company.



Due to the rapidly increasing number of high definition TV programmes and the standardisation of HD technology in mobile and tablet devices, plus falling costs and more cost effective bandwidth connectivity, more and more consumers are embracing HD technology.


This trend is now having an impact on the surveillance market, as retailers expect and demand higher image quality. According to Atul Rajput, retail business development manager at Axis Communications: “When you consider last year’s riots, which majorly impacted many retailers, members of the public were able to capture HD quality video footage on their mobile phones that outperformed some of the grainy footage recorded by in-store analogue CCTV.”


“This would not have been the case had these retailers invested in HDTV network cameras which provide excellent image quality, making positive identification far more likely.


“These cameras facilitate enhanced forensic interrogation of recorded video footage after the event, as well as remote access to real-time footage which could have enabled operators to track and identify rioters as events unfolded.”


Deploying network video with HDTV can also be very cost effective, the company says; for example a single HDTV network camera can achieve the same coverage as multiple standard definition cameras. The total cost of ownership is further reduced through faster installation, lower software licensing costs, less cabling and power consumption, and reduced ongoing maintenance.


Atul adds: “Another way in which retailers can make smarter use of their surveillance systems is by using HDTV network video cameras to monitor shopping aisles. An HDTV network video system that supports the 90 degree rotation of a wide screen image creates an optimised field of view which is perfectly adapted for high shelving environments such as in DIY stores or supermarkets.”


The most recent findings from the Global Retail Theft Barometer revealed how retailers have experienced a significant increase in shrinkage despite a continued investment in video surveillance.


Atul adds: “It is more important than ever for retailers to harness solutions which can deliver tangible benefits and reduce costs. HDTV footage offers a minimum resolution three times greater than the analogue CCTV cameras used within many stores today meaning that positive identification can be made faster and even the smallest of details can be picked up.


“Add to this, lower cost of ownership and ease of installation, and HDTV network video further becomes a compelling solution for many retailers.”


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