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Best Smartphones for Mobile Security

person keeping their mobile phone secure

With every iteration, we tend to do more and more with our smartphone devices as they offer faster processing power and additional convenience. That’s why the security of mobile phones is more important than ever.

As far as this goes, there are currently no laws on how long smartphone providers need to support their phones. Thus, in order to best safeguard your privacy, it’s recommended that you research which devices offer the best security system updates as well as their track record on long-term support. With this in mind, this is what we think are the best smartphones for mobile security:



The most well-known smartphone brand also happens to the one that focuses the most on protecting user privacy. Apple’s latest iOS system aims to give users more information on the data various apps have access to, and offers new security features such as improvements to Face ID and the “Sign in with Apple” feature. Typically, Apple supports each iPhone device with updates for about 5 or 6 years, and it’s worth noting that their iPhone 5 and 4 lines are no longer supported.



As the main rival to Apple, Samsung has had to improve their Galaxy range in order to compete when it comes to mobile security. Their Galaxy S20 Ultra, for instance, features its own unique security chip built to exclusively manage sensitive transactions as well as protect private data. These were already featured on Apple and Google phones. So, its addition alongside the S20’s Samsung Pass and Secure Folder, as well as roughly 2-4 years of updates and support, makes it a solid option in its own right.

However, Samsung Galaxy S7s, as well as their A6 range, are no longer supported and thus aren’t recommended as an option for the best security.



Arguably the main benefit of Google smartphones is that they make it far clearer how long each of their products will be supported with security updates. Whilst this is usually only for about 3 years, it makes it much easier to identify which smart devices will offer you the best data protection. To that end, the Pixel 4XL provides users with the Titan M chip which handles all sensitive transactions, and also features a new 3D face unlock service for greater security on the go.



With so many options on the market, there are also some less-known brands which can still provide users with ample Network Security features. Some other smartphones that you can check out include:

OnePlus – Smartphones with 2-3 years of support and security updates, with affordable models such as the Nord N10 5G and N100.

Motorola – Typically offers 2-3 years of updates, with their One Action device being a part of the Android One program for added security reassurance.

Sirin – Their pricey but effective Finney U1 provides some of the best Cyber Security protection with a built-in cold storage crypto wallet and a multi-layered security suite.


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