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All IP switchover reminder

The trade body the BSIA is encouraging Alarm Receiving Centres to provide their incoming telephone numbers (the number the alarm device dials) as soon as possible to BT Consumer to ensure devices are not left without service. BT Openreach announced their intention to move all voice communications to IP in 2017. Their proposed end target for shutting down of PTSN lines; 2025.

This means moving telephony services to an all IP network, similar to the UK switch to digital TV. Changes are happening now, says Openreach, the wholesale arm of BT. It means alarm devices that run over PTSN or ISDN lines will be affected before the 2025 deadline, the BSIA warns.

Points to note on providing the incoming telephone numbers are:

– BT will look for these numbers in their calls records to identify the customers who have dialled them in the last 12 months and will put a marker in their account. (It’s reasonable to assume that any calls to this number would be from a device of some sort)
– They won’t note the supplier, type of service or make/model of any special services device on those customers’ lines, just the fact that it’s likely there’s a special services device on that line
– It will allow BT to take extra care with those customers at the time of upgrading them onto digital voice services
– No numbers or customer information will not be shared with anybody else and BT Consumer will put in place a Non-Disclosure Agreement if required.

David Wilkinson, Director of Technical Services at the Worcester-based BSIA, pictured, said: “The deadline for the All IP switchover will reach us sooner than we think and with the recent announcement from BT Consumer launching their new digital service, we will start to see the impact of the transition where end-users buy the service. We will continue to work with key stakeholders and encourage our industry members and the wider security community to prepare for this digital evolution across the UK telephone network.”

Sodhi Dhillon, who heads the engagement team for BT said, “It’s really important that we get the message of the switchover out to the industry as quickly and as widely as possible. It’s a massive programme of change, bigger than the switch over from analogue TV to digital TV, and we want to make sure nobody is left vulnerable when the analogue systems stop working.”

You can provide your incoming telephone numbers or request further information from BT by email at: [email protected] Openreach trials are planned for Salisbury and Mildenhall.

More on this and other comms, in the May 2020 print edition of Professional Security magazine.

For more about the withdrawal of lines, visit the Openreach website:


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