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Cyber survey

Over half of European organisations (57pc) feel it is easy for cyber attackers to carry out their malicious plans without leaving any traces. Most would like to find out who is behind an attack (79pc of respondents), according to cyber security product firm Kaspersky Lab’s latest survey. Over half of respondents say they would first turn to their security provider, after a cyberattack.

Considering the rise in the number and impact of cyberattacks affecting organisations – according to the same research, one in five (21pc) IT decision makers from organisations say that the number of attacks on their organisations has risen over the last 12 months compared to the previous year. As for the majority of respondents thinking it is easy for cyber attackers to carry out an attack without leaving clues, the UK and France registers figures above the average: 65pc and 64pc respectively.

One in five, 20pc of IT decision makers admit that they haven’t been able to find out how the most recent cyberattack was possible, an indicator suggesting that they really need to reconsider their defence strategy, according to Kaspersky.

Most of the respondents – 68pc – agree that cyber attackers are rarely caught and face trial in a court of justice. Given the increasingly clever tactics used by threat actors to avoid detection, a majority of IT decision makers (71pc) from European organisations agree that attribution of cyberattacks is a complex task and attackers can only be uncovered by the best investigators.

Another indicator of the trust, people put in their cybersecurity solutions provider is the fact that more IT decision makers said that their organisation would first turn to their cybersecurity provider, rather than to a law enforcement agency: 51pc versus 36pc. The trust businesses have in their security provider was also confirmed by previous research, with 86pc of businesses saying they trusted their provider to behave ethically in the collection and use of their data.

David Emm, Principal Securtiy Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, pictured, said: “The fact that organisations understand the complexity of investigating cyberattacks and turn to their security provider first after an attack is further proof that the steps towards transparency and accountability that the industry is making are leading in the right direction. However, a global framework for trust and integrity that applies to everyone is yet to be created in the cybersecurity industry. We strongly believe that the full potential of EU’s modern economy can only be realised with cooperation and trust between cybersecurity players and governments. Only together can governments and companies address cyber threats effectively and allow for more attackers being caught and brought to justice. On the contrary, the lack of trust and cooperation among governments and private vendors coming from different countries favours nobody but threat actors who know and respect no border in their malicious actions.”


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