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Warsaw date

SASMA, the seventh annual business security conference in Poland, runs in Warsaw on November 26 and 27, with quite a UK presence.

Speakers from the UK are on day one Johan Hartman of Citi Bank (pictured, their Canary Wharf building), on security metrics; Nigel Iyer of Septia Group on ‘following the money’ to find fraud and corruption; Ben Dyer on threats to multi-nationals; and Stuart Hughes of Adidas Group on security as a business enabler. On day two Russell Stewart of audit firm KPMG will cover physical threats.

Eastern Europe is a part of our continent that you can’t ignore, Peter French of SSR Personnel tells us ahead of SASMA.

And that need to understand eastern Europe is as true for businesses looking for markets as security departments looking at risks and staffing UK sites, he argues. SSR’s been sponsoring the SASMA conference in Warsaw each autumn for seven years. He told Professional Security: “You can’t ignore it as a market sector.” Indeed once you, as Peter has, talk to people in that region, they tell you that they aren’t eastern Europeans – they are central Europeans. Further east – such as Ukraine and Russia – is eastern Europe.

For the full interview read the September 2015 print issue of Professional Security magazine.

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