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Case Studies


The IP CCTV system installed in the Tyne Tunnels is now fully operational and helping to alleviate safety and congestion concerns in one of the UK’s worst traffic black spots. The New Tyne Crossing, under the River Tyne, connects North and South Tyneside. More than 45,000 motorists use the crossing daily. Axis Communications network cameras were specified to monitor the flow of traffic through the tunnels, approach roads and toll booths. 



Peter Houlis, managing director of 2020 Vision Technology the Tyneside installer, said: “As the tunnels are confined spaces with restricted light conditions we needed to come up with an innovative approach to provide real-time visual intelligence and post-incident analysis.  The safety of anyone passing through the tunnels is of prime importance, so when specifying the cameras, the ability to share and access video images quickly is essential if an incident needs to be examined and dealt with immediately. 


“Axis offered an all round technical solution; high-performing video surveillance with excellent image quality.”


2020 Vision deployed the network cameras and is host of the recording system which feeds images taken from the cameras to the tunnel’s traffic incident management system. This system then alerts the tunnels staff when an incident such as a crash, breakdown or a fire occurs.


Phil Doyle, regional director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications said: “IP surveillance is playing a vital role in keeping motorists using transport infrastructure moving as well as safeguarding them against incidents. The flexibility of, and accessibility to images, means the system adds real value to those whose job it is to monitor the tunnels and keep congestion to a minimum.”


Some 102 fixed AXIS P1343 network cameras are in the tunnel and other cameras monitor the approach roads and toll booths. For more information about Axis Communications visit 


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