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Survey reminder

Advances in technology and the Internet of Things have changed the way we live and work, so too they are changing the way security operates – ‘traditional’ security measures are evolving and becoming more advanced and in some cases interconnected. But what is the impact on offenders? That is what Perpetuity Research are asking. The research consultancy is undertaking a study, interviewing offenders to understand how they react to this ‘new’ security.

Perpetuity are also conducting a survey of security professionals, to ascertain their views on the types of changes; whether this is likely to impact on offenders, and the broader challenges to security that advances in technology present.

This survey is anonymous, takes about ten to 15 minutes to complete and the deadline for responses is Friday, March 22. It is best suited to those involved in physical security such as security suppliers, managers (including intermediaries) who purchase security and other security experts. All participants are given the opportunity to automatically receive a free copy of the findings once the report is published (Autumn 2019).

To begin the survey click here –

The research is under the umbrella of the Security Research Initiative –


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