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Super recognisers launch

Apothecaries Hall in The City of London was the venue on Wednesday, May 23 for the launch of the Association of Super Recognisers. Pictured are some of those certificated, including at the very front Dr Josh Davis, the University of Greenwich academic psychologist, a past speaker at Security TWENTY conference, at Heathrow in October 2014.

Association CEO is Gilly Crichton. Also speaking at the event, the ASR chairman, Robert Balchin, Baron Lingfield described how important are the skills of the ‘super recognisers’, the 2pc or so of the population with an unusual ability to remember faces and recall their name, featured in the May 2018 print issue of Professional Security magazine.

In policing and security, such an ability means better linking of offenders captured on CCTV; and if ‘super recognisers’ are deployed at events, they may be able to spot known criminals, such as those wanted on warrant.

About the association

Members can add the post nominals ‘LSRA’ after their name. For more about the ASR, visit


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