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Case Studies

Storage partner

As a UK distributor for Hikvision for over 18 years, DVS provides video security solutions to trade and professional installers. DVS started a partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (Toshiba) in 2021. This took off during the COVID pandemic and, from the beginning, Toshiba has lived up to their initial supply commitments, despite challenges such as pandemic-related factory closures and logistics constraints. As for the supply chain, DVS’s customers have experienced no interruption in order of fulfilment and turnaround.

The 3.5-inch S300 series of HDD (hard disk drives) is built to support up to 64 high-resolution surveillance video cameras at once. With 6TB capacity, the S300 has passed tests to ensure 24/7 reliability and performance under the harshest working conditions. Its larger brother — the 3.5-inch S300 Pro Surveillance Hard Drive — is also designed and tested for 24/7 surveillance. Built for speed, capacity, and extended data retention of data of up to 64 video cameras, S300 Pro captures pictures in high resolution and enables analysis. As capacity is essential for continuous capture and retainment of video evidence over a period, these up to 10TB HDDs deliver the storage needed to record and playback events in real-time and high resolution, even supporting object identification and face recognition.

Gavin Dunleavy, Commercial Director of DVS, pictured, says: “We have been pleased to learn that our customers really appreciated our cooperation with Toshiba. The Toshiba drives are proving to be extremely reliable in the field with far fewer failures than official specification state.”

Beside the provision of storage products, DVS offer a service on their website – the #REALINSTALLERS club. This connects end customers with a local installer in their local community, to add value to the DVS customer and end user, as it provides a trusted connection to installers who have the necessary skills and experience to deliver a solution using purpose-built products. Toshiba is an official sponsor of #REALINSTALLERS.

Jeff Briggs, Senior Manager Sales, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, says: “DVS is an extremely important partner for Toshiba as their influence over the security market is unquestionable. Their expertise in sales and n communicating the latest technology trends makes them a trusted distributor to the surveillance channel and an obvious partner for us to launch their range of purpose-built Surveillance Hard Drives.”


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