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Case Studies

Smart building

In central Munich, the NOVE has platinum certification from LEED (“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”), as developed by the US-based Green Building Council to encourage construction of energy- and resource-efficient, healthy buildings.

Salvis Consulting AG envisaged security backed by smart networked solutions that blended with the architecture and interior decorating. “We wanted an office building that felt like a five-star designer hotel,” says Tim Wiesener, the CEO of Salvis. “We certainly didn’t want employees and other users of the building to feel bothered or overwhelmed by its technology.” Wiesener therefore sought a partner, and found it in Bosch. “Bosch applies both experience and foresight to its projects, and its specialists immediately grasped our vision.”

Bosch planned and fitted integrated video surveillance, access control and intrusion alarms, fire protection, visitor management. Its hardware and software are distributed and networked across six storeys, a 23-meter-high atrium, and a nine-floor tower. The concierges working shifts at the 24-hour reception have monitors behind the counter to cover 100 surveillance cameras that can be remotely controlled, zoomed and pointed as required, all courtesy of the Bosch Building Integration System. The software lets them manage video surveillance as well as fire and intrusion alarms.

Around-the-clock assistance is also available to the 300 or so visitors that enter the NOVE each day, through the BoVisit visitor management. The software’s functionality includes announcing guests, printing name tags for them, and assigning them to employees. Thanks to a centralised solution, the concierges always know who is where inside the building. This is especially important in case of a critical situation. At the press of a button, the system generates an overview of how many people need to be evacuated from each area. “Our receptionists are efficient but not nameless. We combine security with personal service,” says Tim Wiesener.

Italian architect Antonio Citterio designed the complex, which spans roughly 27,500 square meters of gross floor space. He paid especial attention to visually integrating the security equipment. “This called for a certain finesse,” says Tim Wiesener. Tim Kosok, a sales representative with Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in Munich, worked to find out what the customer wanted, explaining that “we painted installations the same color as the ceilings or walls and positioned them just right so they would be practically invisible. Even the door intercoms are designed to be inconspicuous.”

Tenants can access the NOVE any time. Tim Wiesener says: “Our collaboration for implementing the complex was excellent and collegial. We worked closely with the Bosch experts to create a solution that’s geared to people and their needs.”


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