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Secure messaging

Eutelsat SA, the third largest satellite operator in the world, has deployed Fortinet’s FortiMail-400C secure messaging appliances to help protect its global employees from email spam and malware.

Eutelsat is one of the world’s leading satellite operators, broadcasting more than 4,700 television channels to 150 countries and providing services for fixed and mobile high-speed telecommunications. Based in Paris, Eutelsat employs 780 people across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.

Eutelsat’s previous secure messaging system had limited filtering capabilities and was complex to manage. After benchmarking FortiMail-400C along with Ironport’s secure messaging system using a number of real-world test scenarios, Eutelsat selected FortiMail based the product-makers say on its filtering, its ability to inspect 320,000 emails per hour and ease of configuration and deployment.

Stéphane Xavier Carpentier, messaging and servers infrastructure manager at EutelSat, said: “Prior to deploying FortiMail, we were facing two serious issues. First, we were receiving many false emails that looked as though they were originating from our own staff. Second, the previous solution wasn’t able to detect malicious attachments, such as ubiquitous .zip files. With FortiMail, spam and malware have been eradicated. In addition, Fortinet’s platform has made our job easier thanks to its configuration options and automatic updates.”

Eutelsat deployed two FortiMail-400Cs. The first was placed at the company’s headquarters in Paris, and the second at a back-up site located in Rambouillet, France. The redundant deployment mode is for availability in case of an unexpected appliance failure. On average, the company’s messaging architecture filters more than 13 million e-mails and identifies and blocks over 36,000 viruses a year.

“The increasing amount of spam and malware sent through email is a real burden to organisations,” said Yann Pradelle, vice president of Southern Europe, Africa and Middle East at Fortinet. “Fortinet’s high-performance FortiMail email security platform offers businesses of all sizes a feature-rich and flexible solution that helps address the requirements of users and IT managers.”


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