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Scam targets players

IT security and data protection company is warning Twitter users to be cautious following the discovery of a scam targeting fans of the extremely popular ‘Draw Something’ game. Draw Something is the latest block-buster app, with hundreds of millions of downloads onto iPhone and Android smartphones since it was launched early last month.

The buzz and interest in the Pictionary-style game is being exploited by online scammers, with Twitter being used to lure users who have mentioned “Draw Something” in past tweets with spam messages claiming to offer prizes.  A Twitter account, which is not affiliated with OMGPOP – the firm which makes Draw Something – claims it is giving away 5000 prizes to “lucky” Draw Something fans, and that players can claim their award by visiting a newly-created website called  Users who visit the site are asked a few simple questions, before being told that they are eligible to receive an award.

However, in reality this is just a ruse and users are being tricked into completing a survey that simply helps the scammers behind the scheme to earn commission.

“Your chances of ever receiving a prize are remote – but you will be handing over personal information to the crooks behind the scam,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.  “Sophos has reported the account as spam to Twitter, and hopefully it will be shut down soon, but for now, fans of Draw Something should be wary of other scams cropping up that seek to exploit its popularity, both on Twitter and other social networks.”

More information, including images, can be found on the Sophos Naked Security website.


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