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Case Studies

Perimeter pulse

A vehicle dismantling and salvage company is using electrified perimeter security to protect its Huddersfield site. The PulseSecure product, which was installed by manufacturer Harper Chalice accredited dealer, Advance Yorkshire Limited, has deterred intruders after more than a year in service. Mark Davies, Advance Yorkshire’s MD says: “PulseSecure is a great system to work with. It is well designed, easy to install and maintain and has done exactly what it promises to do in fully protecting the premises from intruders. We installed the system around the complete site perimeter, including the gates, as it was the most effective and affordable solution in this case.”


The makers say that the PulseSecure product not only deters would-be intruders with the threat of a painful, but regulated safe electric shock, it provides warning of attempts to break into a site, allowing for a planned security response to be triggered if any genuine attack happens. The customer is now considering using it at other locations across the UK.

“PulseSecure is being installed at a growing number of sites of this kind. It prevents losses, is not prone to false alarms, never sleeps and can save significant sums for customers who might otherwise need to resort to hiring security guards or other expensive measures,” says Graham Harper, Managing Director of Harper Chalice. The product can be mounted onto fences, walls and even roofs, and because the system is not prone to ‘false alarms’, any alert can be trusted as genuine, so an immediate response by police or security staff is triggered, the makers add. The perimeter product is also being used at visitor attractions and city centre sites, and nuclear power stations. It has been tested by official agencies to prove effectiveness under attack, and it is also approved under the police ‘Secured by Design’ programme (police preferred specification).


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