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Panomera for Cologne

Dallmeier developed its multi-focal sensor system Panomera for video surveillance of expansive areas. Widths, as well as areas at distance can be displayed in real time and at high frame rates of up to 30 fps. Depending on the requirements of observation assignments, the resolution can be scaled nearly limitlessly. Hence, one Panomera, with eight sensors, can replace 35 standard megapixel cameras, it is claimed.

On New Year’s Eve 2015 the centre of Cologne notoriously suffered numerous cases of sexual harassment of women. Police recognised the need to revise their securing of large public spaces. The inner city, around Cologne Cathedral, was selected as the basis for new video security measures. Even in the early stages of planning, officials found the use of conventional video technology would not make it possible to fully capture the monitoring area. Dallmeier was called upon, and the German manufacturers were able to design a system which in fact exceeded requirements. The installation work for the Panomera began in mid-December 2016. Instead of a system with numerous, spread out cameras, which would have meant a complicated set-up as well as infrastructure and maintenance costs, Dallmeier deployed a system that covers the entire monitoring area, yet remains discreet. The Panomera solution required only two installation points. Hence, the city faces much lower infrastructure and maintenance costs compared to the original planning.

The video security product company adds that police in Cologne are able to switch from passive surveillance to active video monitoring. Potentially dangerous situations are detected before they threaten to become incidents, the firm says.


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