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Case Studies

November print edition

Now arriving through letterboxes is the November 2021 print edition of Professional Security magazine. We report as ever on the UK security industry – both things it does, and things that affect it. Hence we took up an invitation from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to sit in on a Sunday evening training event at The Cuckoo Club in London’s West End – giving some practical learning to door staff and observers, as volunteers and actors went through four scenarios – a multiple stabbing, a suspect bomb package, an attack using a ‘corrosive substance’, and last but not least a marauding terror attack outside, necessitating a lockdown to protect clubbers inside.

Among the learnings from the evening: clear, prompt and concise action and messages from the DJ (at a venue with one) can help security staff manage any such incident, whether club-goers have to be evacuated to safety, or kept inside according to run-hide-tell principles.

It goes without saying that such in-person training was not possible during covid pandemic lockdowns, and the SIA had begun such sessions pre-covid. Likewise, we feature the latest development in immersive training by CrisisCast, as shown on a revolving stage at the recent International Security Expo at London Olympia. While their past pieces of training have been about accidents or emergency management, they have now turned to cyber – the managing of a cyber attack against a corporate, in real time. We came away with an understanding that the cyber attackers are not faceless and hooded but people doing a job of work, with families, taking holidays (which might explain troughs in cyber attacks).

We feature drugs policy ahead of a promised UK strategy for tackling the harm done by drugs – both by addicts and the illicit drugs trade; and review football hooliganism, now that spectators are allowed back into stadiums – although trouble is likely to come after actual matches, whether between rival fans in concourses or outside the ground; and protests, ahead of the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, which seems sure to draw protests.

We round off four months of case studies of public space surveillance in local government, after our visit to Chippenham Town Council, that has been showing off its new, in-house monitored CCTV using Hikvision hardware and monitoring software, as part of its protection of assets such as parks and town hall and out of town sports facilities; and aiding its achieving of Purple Flag status, which underpins its work to make the north Wiltshire town tourist- and visitor-friendly.

Plus the regulars – magazine MD Roy Cooper’s gossip page for manufacturers and distributors; four pages of’ Spending the Budget’; and four pages of new products and services.

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