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Met marking kits

An American DNA-based anti-counterfeiting product authentication firm reported that the Metropolitan Police will be using its proprietary property marking kits to seek to reduce crime in targeted London neighbourhoods.

The Met will be deploying DNANet markers from Applied DNA Sciences in homes where housholders will be encouraged to mark and register their valuables. In the case of theft, the presence of the unique marker enables police to identify stolen goods and trace them to a specific crime scene. Street and home signage announcing the use of the products will seek to deter potential offenders.

Chief Inspector Robyn Williams, who is responsible for Neighbourhood Policing and Partnership in Lambeth, said: “The response from Lambeth residents to this Burglary crime prevention and reduction scheme has been extremely positive with an almost 100 per cent take up rate of addresses visited to date. Police in Lambeth will continue to adopt and utilise innovative tactics including DNANet property marking that will support us in keeping our residents safe.”

Dr James A. Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences added: “Our DNA products are already used across Europe in high security applications. We protect approximately twenty-six percent (26 per cent) of all cash movements across the UK, which has been instrumental in the capture and sentencing of a significant number of criminals. Our DNA is also used across Sweden in jewellry stores and recently to protect copper assets located in Energy stations throughout Sweden. We are delighted to be working with the Metropolitan Police on this excellent crime reduction initiative to help protect households and communities for people worried about crime in their neighbourhoods.”

The company’s SigNature DNA products have also been used by the Lancashire force in the UK.


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