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Jazz sniffs out crime

Jazz the dog, thought to be the first in the world to be trained to sniff out SelectaDNA markings on metal, continues to assist UK police forces against metal theft.

Trained by former police officer and founder of Search Dogs UK Mick Swindells, Jazz has recently worked with Merseyside Police at ports. This follows her work on Operation Tornado with Lancashire Police to catch metal thieves.

Mick explained how Jazz operates differently from humans: “We can only search in 2D ie. in the line of sight, but dogs can search in 3D by using their noses. Jazz is able to touch the marked metal with her nose identifying the target scent of SelectaDNA, allowing officers to move in at this point and make further investigations.”

Jazz is also broadening her horizons and looking to work overseas. She has appeared at a UKTI Asia Pacific Trade workshop where she was well-received and displayed her skills to representatives from countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, India, Japan and Malaysia.



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