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Hungate development

A housing development in York was recently awarded Secured by Design status; the Hungate block F in the city centre. North Yorkshire Police DOCO (Designing Out Crime Officer) Richard Ball has been involved in it since its start.

Richard said: “The Hungate development has been a substantial project which has been ongoing for a number of years in the city centre. Right from the very start, the security and safety of the properties being built and the homeowners themselves, has been central to the design and build of the development. By adhering to the standards of the Secured by Design scheme, the developer – Hungate Regeneration Ltd, has ensured that the development will enjoy a high level of safety and security for many years to come.”

He’s a former neighbourhood police officer who, after retirement, retrained in town planning. He adds: “I know first hand how ill-thought-out design and a lack of consideration about crime prevention in the layout of housing developments can lead to crime hotspots. By not ensuring there is natural surveillance, or if pathways are concealed or given sharp corners and a lack of lighting, it can create vulnerability that criminals can exploit. That’s why my job is so satisfying, knowing that even before foundations are dug or the first brick has been laid, the long-term security of people’s homes has been taken into consideration to ensure they literally are ‘as safe as houses’.

“I’d highly recommend developers look into the scheme and visit the website to see for themselves the simple measures they can take to ensure their development can carry the SBD status.”

Pictured are Chris Jones – Senior Construction Manager (centre) and Steven Graham (right) – Community Liaison Manager of Hungate Regeneration Ltd being presented with their Gold award by Richard Ball (left).

Steven Graham, Community Liaison Manager for Lendlease, developers of the Hungate site, said: “Our aim is to deliver a new sustainable community and we see Secured by Design as an integral part of this. Providing safe and secure developments is not only beneficial for the residents, but also the wider community. The scheme helps provide a set of nationally recognised standards, that we can bench mark against and aim to build on top of, ensuring that key design decisions and product choices take safety and security into account from day one.

“Early involvement of the police and Secured by Design in our developments ensures that any identified site specific problems can be resolved passively and discretely within the development design. Over the last five years we have worked together closely on the Hungate project, and we have always found the police’s input to be both helpful and pragmatic throughout.

“We see Secured by Design as a win-win for all parties, making homes more secure, developments safer to walk through and also ultimately meaning less pressure on police resources.”



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