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Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge install

At 55 kilometres in length, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in southern China that connects Hong Kong to Macao and the city of Zhuhai is the world’s largest sea-crossing bridge. It took eight years to build using 400,000 tons of steel and includes underwater tunnels and two artificial islands that serve as customs ports.

Bosch Building Technologies won the contract to provide the artificial islands with video surveillance, intrusion alarms, besides public address (PA) and voice evacuation systems.

On the island between Zhuhai and Macao, the Bosch partner Shanghai SAGA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. installed more than 5,700 Bosch loudspeakers and over 260 amplifiers, all managed via the Praesideo Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound system. The install has 15 models of ceiling, wall mount, and line array speakers to blend in with the facility’s modern interior.The German firm adds that it was able to match Macao’s local standards by custom-ordering products with British power cord, programmed with graphic interfaces in traditional Chinese lettering.

On the island outside of Hong Kong, which is home to a customs clearance port, Bosch partner Pro-United Co., Ltd. installed 2,200 public address speakers of various models, including outdoor speakers for the travel inspection building. Installers also adjusted 200 vari-directional array loudspeakers to balance sound variations from various building materials. Lin Lizhi of Bosch Building Technologies said: “The Bosch technical team and partners used professional software to simulate the sound pressure level of a specific area and comprehensively simulate the entire project to ensure that the selected products can meet the requirements of different areas in the actual application.”

In use are more than 2,000 HD cameras including the Flexidome, Dinion, and Autodome series. Monitored from a security control centre on the Hong Kong-side of the island, these cameras support 24/7 surveillance of the customs clearance port, travel inspection building, Immigration Department and Hong Kong Customs Office. The Praesideo PA systems on both islands enable security staff to broadcast live voice announcements via security call points. Also fitted from Bosch are intrusion alarms. Wang Yiping, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai SAGA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd said: “We added the supporting intelligent call station Praesideo, which is usually used for airport projects, to ensure that the staff can directly perform voice broadcasts throughout the call station during operation, thus making the security management more convenient.”



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