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Case Studies

HD video for logistics centre conveyor

A logistics centre near East Midlands Airport, pictured, sought video surveillance system to monitor an automated part of its warehouse that operates 24-7. As the logistics company handles packages for contract customers including retailers it’s subject to service level agreements; meaning any downtime in its operations may lead to penalties in a competitive sector.

The automated picking area handles about 90 parcels a minute; any cameras and video management system (VMS) needed to be reliable and supported remotely. The cameras also needed to be high definition, due to the speed of the processing in the picking area. A Midlands-based installer Zicam has used Hanwha Techwin products. A standalone system for the picking area gives an overview of issues such as a conveyor belt jamming, equipment failure, or parcels falling from the belt. A response is critical with a fast-moving conveyor, so the cameras used, with the Wisenet WAVE VMS, enable the company’s 24-hour engineers to take action. This keeps downtime and parcel build-up to a minimum to maintain productivity.

The site uses Wisenet QND-8080R cameras, chosen for their wide field of view and high resolution. The dome cameras feature motorised varifocal lenses that allow operators to scan the area and zoom in on parts of the conveyor system that are prone to blockages.

Also installed is RAID server storage that supports video at 20 frames per second (fps). Working with Wisenet WAVE, this enables operators to keep up with the speed of the picking system and review any faults or incidents frame-by-frame in detail – something that has proved invaluable in preventing incidents.

Dave Salisbury, Managing Director at Dudley-based Zicam said: “Operational disruption is not an option for this leading logistics company, so it was vital that we installed a system that was reliable and provided the high-quality footage needed to keep operations running. Hanwha Techwin was a natural choice for us and the client, as its products have a proven track record in performance and reputability.”

The logistics company had had fitted Hanwha Techwin products previously. The company was also required not to use any equipment from listed companies under the United States’ National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in its warehouses; Hanwha Techwin, a Korean manufacturer, is NDAA compliant.

Hanwha Techwin’s solution is remotely supported, with software and firmware updates carried out remotely. This remote connection means that configuration can be undertaken remotely. When vibrations from recent building work put the cameras out of focus, for instance, they could be re-focused remotely, without an engineer having to visit the site. Salisbury added: “The five-year warranty that comes with being a silver partner has also provided added peace of mind for the client.”

Three extra installations are planned for 2023 that replicate this video surveillance, and build on it, with AI-based perimeter protection from Hanwha Techwin.


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