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First time standard hailed

Reliance High Tech reports it’s gained accreditation to the information security management standard ISO 27001 for the full Reliance Protect operation.

The accreditation is one of several quality and information security benchmarks which the company operates to, showing its commitment to protecting client data and confidentiality, the firm says.

Andy Schofield, pictured, Reliance High-Tech’s Director of Technology, says: “Organisations are increasingly aware of the serious consequences that can result from data breaches. Apart from the direct impact of criminal activity, with stolen data being exploited, failure to protect data adequately can have catastrophic impact on public confidence. It only takes one breach to cause untold damage.”

The ISO 27001 standard demonstrates that confidential information is kept secure, that it is managed efficiently and that vulnerabilities are highlighted and addressed.

Among other requirements is a duty for employees to report any potential lapses that they are aware of, from simple bad practice such as leaving passwords visible, to more fundamental systems weaknesses that they spot. Andy Schofield says: “Training and engagement by members of staff at every level is essential to creating a culture where information is seen as important and something that must be protected.”

Reliance High Tech says that it not only passed this latest independent assessment first time, it scored a clean sweep on all metrics, with no areas of concern identified by the assessors. Terry Sallas, Managing Director of Reliance High Tech, says: “As security providers we know that we have a great responsibility in handling the sensitive customer information that we have access to. We are aware of the threats to data security and ISO 27001 proves that we have the systems in place to guard against them.

“The real significance of this achievement is that it embeds the notion of continuous evaluation and improvement in our culture. The effort to achieve the ISO 27001 is high, but going beyond that, we are actively challenging our own data security practices on a daily basis which is why this latest re-assessment was so successful.”



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