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Firearms surrender

To Sunday, May 2022, police nationally are asking the public to take unwanted or illegal firearms into police stations. Those surrendering firearms will not face prosecution for illegally possessing a firearm at the point of surrender and can remain anonymous. The weapons handed in will then be forensically examined to assist with any potential enquiries.

In Gwent, Temporary Supt Martyn Smith said: “While crime involving a firearm is low across Gwent, there are still very serious crimes involving guns taking place. This two-week surrender campaign is an opportunity for members of the public to hand in guns and ammunition and prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. By taking part, we will ensure that all firearms and ammunition are disposed of in a safe way.

“By taking part in the two-week campaign you’re helping to keep Gwent safe, reducing potential harm and threat within our communities.”

Anyone handing in a firearm, ammunition or any other weapon during the surrender is advised to check the opening times of their station by calling 101 or visiting the police website.

In London the Met Police describe the city as now a hostile place for criminals transporting firearms. Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Blackburn, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “Officers have been working around-the-clock to dismantle organised crime groups and disrupt the transportation of firearms into London.

“The majority of shootings are linked to gang violence and often result in serious injury or loss of life. Attacks can prompt retaliation, so seizing firearms at source and restricting availability is vital in protecting London’s communities.

“When incidents do occur, our armed officers work on the ground to disrupt offending and deliver the strongest response.

“Tackling violence is the Met’s number one priority and we are seeing an impact, keeping communities safer and preventing many coming to harm. But we will not stop here, our efforts to prevent gun crime and shootings will only continue as we strive to keep London safe.”

Registered weapons which are no longer wanted can also be handed in, besides noxious sprays and electric shock devices such as Tasers, CS spray and stun guns.

If you know of people involved in illegal firearms call the freephone anonymous reporting line Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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