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File sharing

Benenden has agreed a three year deal with UK technology firm DOQEX, which enables secure group-wide file sharing and helps support development of a digital portal for their 900,000 strong membership.

With DOQEX, Benenden (a York-based healthcare mutual and insurer) has launched a new SEcure Network Transfer service (SENT) that allows Benenden staff and their partners to securely interact with each other using a private, branded system. According to Benenden this supports their growth plans, including their recently launched travel and home insurance products.

Under the DOQEX platform, multiple features offered by email, fax, Dropbox and SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) are to be absorbed into a single service. The service is designed and delivered under the Benenden brand, a key requirement where third-party branding can cause confusion and trust issues amongst customers and partners.

Andrew Radi, Benenden’s Group CIO said: “Our objective is to develop anoutstanding digital service for our members that deliver a customer friendly secure communication channel. Partnering with DOQEX enables this and progresses our digitisation strategy to increase our product portfolio with the added benefit of streamlining our technology offerings.”

In a time where data breaches are all too common, a benefit is encrypted secure file transfers between Benenden, members and external third
parties. This offers members peace of mind that personal information is protected, the firms say. The DOQEX platform meets the required industry security standards and gives transparency about where and when information is shared, with audit trail viewable by the user and administrator.

Information sharing can occur in ‘secure data rooms’. The DOQEX platform also includes a data loss prevention facility and the ability to integrate with corporate email, although Benenden are not yet using this feature. The DOQEX powered service has been integrated into Benenden’s business
processes and rather than the typical user license, DOQEX’s enterprise model means all users, including outside agencies, can access the service and communicate securely without incremental impact on budget and overheads.

Nick Case, Director of DOQEX said: “Our approach solves many problems not addressed by large traditional software vendors, and helping organisations solve security issues without restricting their ability to innovate and deliver simple, easy to use services is our paramount priority.”

Vanessa Sharpe, Benenden Information Security Officer said: “Our organisation’s requirements for a secure file sharing system are all incorporated in the DOQEX product: it meets industry security standards; project collaboration occurs in secure data rooms, a share can be immediately revoked, external parties can be requested to share a file with Benenden; all transactions are fully audited and viewable by the user as well as the system administrator; it has a Data Loss Prevention facility; and comes with an API which we are looking to deploy within our member portals as part of our digital journey.”

Nick Case added: “The internet security market, traditionally dominated by US-based software giants, is now wide open for a fresh and agile approach that can drive innovation across the whole of an organisation. All too often we see security as a rationed bolt-on to other services. We start with security and build out user features and asset controls from a secure foundation.”

About Panoplia Labs

Panoplia Labs is a security research and software vendor based in York. They deliver IT security and investigative consultancy services. DOQEX is a trademark patent-pending product that offers an email and file sharing security service using bespoke Panoplia Labs technology.


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