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Ferdinand coin injury

Football Association chairman David Bernstein condemned the coin-throwing during Sunday, December 9 at the Manchester City-United Premier League game at the Etihad Stadium.

The FA said it would be investigating the incident which saw Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand struck by a coin thrown from the crowd.

And following a number of incidents in recent weeks, Bernstein described such situations as ‘deplorable’ in an interview with Sky Sports News. He said: “To see Rio Ferdinand with blood on his face was absolutely terrible.

“And it’s also sad because it was such a fantastic match and then followed by the headlines that we’ve seen this morning.

“I think it’s disturbing that we’ve seen a recurrence of these sort of incidents. We’ve had racial abuse issues, the odd pitch incursion and things being thrown at players. It’s very unacceptable and they have to be dealt with severely.”

Bernstein said he wants clubs and authorities to ensure that anyone found guilty of these offences will receive the ultimate punishment.

“It’s for The FA, the whole game of football and for the authorities to work together and deal with this in the most severe manner. I believe that if necessary, these people need to go to the court and be banned for life, if they’re found out.

“It’s important that matters are brought to a head and people understand that there is no room for this in football at all, and we’ll do everything we can within The FA. I know the rest of football feels the same, it’s a blot on the game.”

Ferdinand after the event – United beat hosts City 3-2 – tweeted in good humour “Whoever threw that coin,what a shot!” and said he couldn’t believe it was a copper two pence thrown at him: “Could have at least been a £1 coin!” and later said on Twitter “Love the banter between fans but there is a point when it goes too far … calm it!”

Meanwhile Manchester City FC says that its security officials are co-operating fully with Greater Manchester Police over the throwing of missiles onto the field of play, and between the two sets of supporters, during the game against Manchester United.

Manchester City offered its sincere apologies to Rio Ferdinand. The Club unreservedly condemned the actions which led to his being injured. The club said that after any associated police action, the club will also apply its own disciplinary policies for any fans found guilty of offences.


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