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Case Studies

Fences for Bath & Wells

Keeping the many fences and boundaries in good repair for an estate of some 260 residential properties in Bath & Wells Diocese is the task for the Diocesan Surveyor Paul Toseland.

The surveyors are in charge of maintenance and repairs affecting clergy housing in the Diocese, so fencing is just one small part of their job. But it’s an important one, Paul Toseland says.

Apart from general wear and tear, and the inevitable effects of time and weather, less predictable issues such as boundary changes, sudden wind damage and dealing with issues arising from neighbours have to be handled. Mr Toseland says: “On average at least two of our properties a month need either a full fence replacement or a partial repair. In busy times it can be more, so it’s important for us to have a supplier we can trust.” Orchard Fencing (Chris Rust) Ltd is a local Somerset installer of commercial and security fencing and has been the main contractor for the diocese for almost 14 years , including site visits, surveys and reports. Paul Toseland says: “We continue to use Chris Rust and his company because they’ve proved that they do a good job at a fair price.”

What does he mean by a ‘good job’?

In short he sums it up as delivering a fence that ‘looks good, lasts well and is installed with the least possible mess and disruption’.

Competitive pricing is also important, and not to be taken for granted, he adds. On one recent job two neighbours had agreed to contribute to the cost because they wanted a very high-spec finish, with an ornate design combined with a high grade timber finish. They were not only delighted with the end result, but were happy how reasonable the bill was.

Chris Rust, Orchard’s MD, says: “The important thing with fencing is that it should not only be robust, but should look right in its setting. The choice of materials and finish is key. We take a real pleasure in the way a new fence can transform the way a property looks, and how pleased our customers are with the finished job.”

The diocesan surveyor agrees: “Orchard installs Jacksons timber products on our properties, and these are very high quality with a 25 year guarantee against rot. This is an important benefit for us, and so is that fact that we can trust the quality of the workmanship. Because we have an ongoing relationship with Orchard we know they will stand by their work long into the future.”

The Bath & Wells Diocese considers that good quality and long lasting fence maintenance is important for privacy, security and aesthetics, but with so many premises to care for, across such a wide area, it’s quite a challenge.


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