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Case Studies

Enfield CCTV ops

In north London, two men were arrested after their vehicle failed to stop for police and they were traced by Enfield Council’s CCTV operators. The council’s CCTV control room was notified of the incident in on the A10 at 4.45am on January 5.

They managed to trace the car and found it abandoned in High Street, Ponders End and were then able to find two of the three people in the vehicle, directing police to them so they could be arrested.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, councillor Chris Bond, said: “Our CCTV network is extensive and incredibly effective, by the time lawbreakers are identified and located, it’s only a matter of time before the long arm of the law collars them. I’m very proud of the effort of our operators and the work they do to make Enfield a safer place for everyone and I’m delighted they were able to assist the police in tracking down these criminals.”

Meanwhile a woman was arrested for drink driving after Enfield’s CCTV operators saw her stumbling along a street and then driving away at speed in the early hours of Sunday morning. The operators saw the woman staggering along London Road, Enfield, at 4.09am on 11 January before getting in her car and alerted police, she was consewquently stopped in Enfield Road and arrested for drink driving. Chris Bond, said: “It’s incredibly irresponsible to drink and drive, luckily with the help of our CCTV operators, the police were able to apprehend this woman before she could harm herself or others.”

And separately the council’s CCTV system helped police track down and apprehend two men in connection with a burglary after a quick witted operator spotted a stolen car travelling through the borough. The black Toyota Yaris, was spotted driving down Mollison Way at 3.40am on December 3 and police were alerted, CCTV operators tracked the vehicle as it was chased by police to Lordship Lane, where three men got out of the car and ran off, two were chased by officers and arrested. The pair have since been linked to a burglary.

Chris Bond, said: “We’re committed to supporting the police to drive down crime in Enfield and I’m delighted we helped the pick up two suspected burglars. If they are responsible for burgling homes in our borough I hope they get a long stretch in prison, during which they can reflect on precisely how unpleasant and frightening their crimes are for their victims.”


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