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Case Studies

Election ballot papers

TALL Security Print has completed the printing of 2.5 million ballot papers for the December 12 General Election on behalf of a number of local authorities. Printed on an Imer Business Forms Press over two weeks, including a weekend and some 24-hour working days, the printer says that it was responsible for managing the process in house, from the Origination Department to completion and delivery.

The BBC contacted the firm to film a piece for their Breakfast TV programme highlighting preparations around the country for the Thursday poll. In reporting on the printing of ballot papers ready for the vote, Peter Andrew, Sales and Marketing Director, at TALL was interviewed by BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay, with prompt delivery and secure print requirements being key messages to the camera.

Over the past 14 years the Runcorn-based company has been responsible for producing millions of ballot papers, in the UK and beyond working to deadlines and providing security. Ballot papers are one of the highest volume items of election materials produced for an election – and arguably the most important one, the firm says. It is essential that the overall design and layout of the ballot paper is easy to use so that it can be clearly understood by all voters, and then accurately processed by ballot counting staff as it is the form that translates voters’ party preference or candidate choice into their vote.

Martin Ruda, MD at the TALL Group of Companies said: “In all election systems, the strictest quality control measures with regard to ballot production are required to ensure that election materials are accurately printed. Ballot papers are legal documents, with strict controls on the production of ballot materials requiring paper security and integrity to protect the validity of voting processes. We understand the importance of these measures and are able to provide peace of mind for our clients.”

The company’s security-specialist products include (as featured in the December 2019 print issue of Professional Security magazine) verifiable university degree certificates, to guard against forgeries; gift vouchers; and a cheque image quality tool.


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