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Distributor’s HQ

Distributor Oprema’s new 15,000 sq ft headquarters in south Cardiff, pictured, has security to protect the property and show off the latest CCTV, access control, and fire and intruder alarms. Technical Director Tim Duggan designed a bespoke system for the warehouse, demo suite (also for use remotely by the external sales staff) and offices, reflecting a large external perimeter, and sensitive internal areas such as the server room, besides around £5m of stock. A mix of Dahua 4K, thermal imaging and ANPR cameras (for the car park and loading areas) are in use. Open area detection is by using a mix of analytics and Optex Redscan laser detectors. Internally, the site has Paxton access control, Advanced Electronics fire panels with Apollo Soteria detection, and the Galaxy intruder detection from Honeywell. Offices and warehouses are covered by Concept Smoke Screen.

All these are integrated using Milestone Corporate video management software. Customer order numbers and product serial numbers can be overlaid onto video streams of the 4K cameras that overlook the six packing benches in the main warehouse. The company can thus track an order. Door entry is by IP video products from Videx.

For Matthew Epps, Oprema’s Managing Director, ‘the system that we designed and delivered alongside our strategic partners is testament to our commitment to leading-edge security solutions. We know how important security is for our customers, our duty of care for our staff, additionally we have a major investment to protect. The resulting system serves as the perfect showcase and security solution, highlighting that we are true to our values and practice what we preach.’

And Gareth Williams, Sales Director, says: “When people visit our new premises, and we encourage them to do so, we can confidently point out how adept we are at integrating multiple solutions to deliver precisely the right levels of security, and how to get that important mix of technology and intelligent services just right.”



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